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Under the surface of a Melamine Panel, the material used and how it is fabricated,
represents the most expensive component of a Melamine Panel.


Western Pine is more costly to obtain and can be the high standard for “softwood” used in particleboard. Western Pine has the long established reputation for excellent machine-ability. Excellent machine-ability contributes to a perfect surface (no white spots) and minimum edge chip out in the field.


M2 is the American National Standard Institute (ANSI) specification for “Industrial”. MS is a lower “Commercial” grade. M1 is lower yet.

M2 requires more glue and compression to fabricate than MS.
Less glue and less compression = cheaper product = inferior specifications.

Compared to the lower grade MS; the higher grade M2 is more resistant to impact, has higher shelf strength and greater screw holding power. These are important specifications contributing to a perfect surface (no white spots), minimum chip out and good edge band holding power.


Am Lam Finish has been refined to simulate an expertly sanded and multi coat satin finish often found on upper class wood products. The no “rustic” or “ticking” look often found on less layered wood finishes make Am Lam the choice for those who want a “Fine Furniture Finish”.


High content Western Pine, M2 “Plus” and Am Lam Finish.
The effectual components of a Premium Melamine Panel!

If you want the performance of Premium Defined,
Insist in 100% American Laminates!

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